In English

Who we are

We are a Danish E-Commerce company founded in 2010 with a current focus on the watch and jewellery business.

We are located north of Copenhagen Denmark where we have our warehouse and administration serving primarily customers from the Nordic Region.

Globalization and a change in consumer behaviour has facilitated disruption within almost every industry today. So is the case with the markets we’ve entered, and our ability to use data instead of industry dogma has earned us a promising foothold and marketshare.

What we can do for your brand

Our approach to e-commerce is not to be just another online catalogue servicing price-minded consumers who already know what they want. Through our extensive investments in upper-funnel marketing we also want to support existing and up-and-coming brands by either introducing the brand itself to the Nordic markets or to introduce a new line of products from well-established brands. We do extensive campaigns across all channels and can also produce content. Here’s a promotional video we created for social media in the autumn of 2018.

What we are looking for

We are always interested in working with brands that embrace the internet. Brands that view the online world as a unique and extraordinary universe that can accelerate brands and businesses forward in the years to come.

At the moment we’re seeking brands within the watch industry, jewellery industry and sunglasses industry. For more information about our company and business opportunities please contact us. We always want to build more solid and lasting business relationships. Welcome to Reverie.